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Laïla Djelassi


After a degree in communication-journalism at the ISFSC and arts studies in fashion design at the Institute Saint-Luc, Laila Djelassi has founded and managed the event caterer Lorient since 2000. Her Belgian-Tunisian origin and her roots in Brussels, the capital of Europe and a multicultural city, never stopped inspiring her menus and original formulas designed for encounters and friendship.

After 15 years at the head of Lorient, Laila wanted to further develop her research and achievements in exclusive associations of flavours, through her new catering concept, Savoury.

Savoury is the result of 15 years of inspiration, creation and know-how at the service of the major events in Belgium and abroad.

It offers the best recipe references in the world, and takes you on the roads of earthly food filled with aromas and spices, and taste fusions.

Inspired by the demand for freshness and richness of authentic producers, Laila Djelassi provides a new approach to event catering with Savoury. For her menus with world flavours, she chooses the best ingredients in each speciality and culture, and shares her passion and the creations of the chefs she works.

Mitra De Kempeneer

Commercial Director, Co-Founder

Consultant in business development in the field of the food industry and food, initiator of many event and festive projects in Brussels, Mitra De Kempeneer – who had already put her expertise and knowledge at the service of Lorient – has joined the new Savoury Catering concept alongside Laila Djelassi.

He brings a relational sense and organising and team managing skills in-situ, previously honed in London, as event manager for several “caterers”.  With his Indian origins and roots in Brussels, he is a true European and citizen of the world, in perfect harmony with the Savoury philosophy.

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